Friday, September 28, 2012


Depending on the engine in your RCZ, it will have a different suspension setup and characteristics.

Diesel RCZ's (HDi 160/163) come with a standard suspension, standard steering and standard gearbox. The petrol RCZ's (THP 156/200) come with a sport suspension (extra torsion beam), a smaller steering wheel and a shorter gear lever. The sport suspension makes the car more direct and alert on each of the driver's commands. On the track the sports suspension is undoubtedly faster, but on public roads the standard suspension gives a more superior feeling because the RCZ performs with more ease. The THP 200 has an added lower anti-collision bar to give the car an even livelier and more agile handling response, while guaranteeing exceptional stability.

The RCZ benefits from a strong base, that of the "Platform 2" architecture consisting of a MacPherson setup with drop link anti-roll bar front suspension, and the rear suspension with a deformable crossmember, two arms and an integral anti-roll bar. It also has a particularly low ride height and centre of gravity, wider tracks and generous wheel dimensions (18" and 19"). Another feature to ensure peace of mind and safety while driving, is the intelligent traction control that comes standard with ESP.

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