Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Double Wishbone : Derivation and History

Double Wishbone widely used by car manufacture and among one of the popular choice for suspension. What is Double Wishbone actually? Basically, Double wishbone is a Double A-Arm suspension but famously called Double Wishbone. Where are the word ‘Wishbone’ come from? Wishbone is a derived from Christmas turkey’s bone that have V-shape which when rotates similar like A, so Double A-Arm reknown as Double Wishbone Suspension.

Turkey V-shape bone

There are no true story who pioneering double wishbone but it is believe that double wishbone technology is applied as early as 1930s. Among first automobile maker who applied the double wishbone technology is Packard Automaker, based on Detroit City, USA and the technology was advertised as safety feature. Packard was an American luxury type automobile manufactured for Packard Motor Car Company. The first automobile produced was 1899 and last car built on 1958.  Many American car popular with double wishbone technology rather than Europe because Europe car can not accommodate space – engaging suspension.

Packard advertising pamphlet

Packard logo

Nowadays, many car manufacturer opted to use double wishbone technology as front suspension especially in FI arena. F1 racing team choose  double wishbone technology as their front suspension. Usually the opted carbon fiber to make the suspension because aerodynamic and lightweight are important factor in racing.

Racing car with double wishbone suspension                     

Between double wishbone and Macpherson strut which on exist first? According to history the double wishbone exist large scale on 1935. During that time Macpherson still in the area of aviation technology and derived from aircraft landing mechanism. Later on, during 1949, Ford Company use Macpherson strut suspension on Ford Vedette. So, double wishbone applied early in automobiles history and there are no genetic relationship between Macpherson strut suspension and double wishbone suspension.

Macpherson strut with A-Arm and double wishbone suspension 

Because double wishbone considered having superior dynamic characteristic as well as load handling capabilities , many car manufactured opted for double wishbone suspension. Cars like higher performance car, Alfa Romeo, Honda, and Mercedes Benz.  Short Long Arm suspension, ones of derivative of double wishbone technology used by Honda Accord, Peugeot 407, and Mazda Atenza while all racing car and sport car, a double wishbone suspension is a must.


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