Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Multi Link : Derivation and Brief History

Multi-link is known as the best and most practical independent suspension . As independent suspension, multi-link wide used and applied by car manufactured for rear suspension. Why it is called multi-link ? By looking at the design of multi-link suspension, there are about three or more lateral arms and one or more longitudinal arm. Thus, multi – link suspension also called multi - arm suspension.

Multi - Link Suspension

Multi link can have 3- link but it also can have as much as 5-link. It is all depend on the theory and practical uses of the car’s demand.

According to US Patent and Trademark Office, the multi-link rear suspension assembly under patern no. 6945547, the inventor  is Robert J. Ackley and Ryan J.  Suhre under Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Drawing of Multi - Link rear suspension
Since the late 80s, multi link suspension has been popular choice when its come to rear suspension. Among the earlier car that applied multi-link suspension are Nissan 200SX, Infiniti Q45, Mercedes S-Class and BMW 3-Series.

Different approach has been applied when using multi link suspension. Thus, different derivative giving different geometry and different characteristic. An example, BMW multilink system giving Z shape. Thus, it is called Z-Axle. In addition, Audi A4 ‘s Quadralink front suspension has 4 link . Its look alike double wishbone but eliminate torque steer.

For now, the development of multi – link suspension still under gradual progress by research company. In example, an Italian company majored in auto electronics component, Magneti Marelli under significant time to produce cost-effective multi-link system for small cars. In its design it induce flexible link.

Magnet Marelli logo

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